Webster Packs Elderly

We hope you’ve had the chance to sit down and enjoy a nice cuppa, while catching up on your emails.
Here at Warnbro Pharmacy, we’ve spent a lot of time looking at how we can improve our customers experiences with their health care and medication.
Often, having a medical condition (temporary or long-term) takes extra time and attention to manage correctly so you can maintain your lifestyle.
As we age, the chance of needing some kind of medication to help maintain our health is more likely. Things just don’t work quite the same way they did when we were younger!
However, that doesn’t mean you need to give up your independence.
At Warnbro Pharmacy we have spent time finding a range of helpful products that are specifically designed to lend a helping hand and improve your medication experience.
All because we strongly believe medications should add value, not stress to your life. Unfortunately, that’s not always everyone’s experience:
 Needing to take pills at the same time or multiple times every dayTaking multiple, different medicationsRemembering to take pills consistently 
…All of the above can make prescription pill medications tricky at times for anyone.
 That’s where a Webster Pak comes in.


If you don’t already know, a Webster Pak looks like this:

As you can see, it clearly has all your approved details at the top, and every pill you need to take is securely stored in its own individual compartment, based on the day and time you need to take them.

There are so many benefits to using this system – here are a few of the main ones you can expect to enjoy:

  • Managing one or more medications becomes easier than ever
  • Complex regimes are simplified
  • Get the right dosage every time
  • Peace of mind without error or accidental health harm from a mistake
  • It’s a real time saver because your Warnbro Pharmacist will organise the pills into the Webster Pak for you – no hassle or messing around with different boxes and bottles etc
  • Most of all, you don’t need to give up your independence

The blister Webster Pak system is indeed very easy and stress-free to use.

We especially recommend a Webster Pak to anyone who struggles with those pesky bottle lids that seem like they need a manual to open.

This pill management system perfectly balances a secure closure without being too easy to open for arthritic hands.


  • Supplements/vitamins
  • General medication
  • Parkinson’s
  • Low Vision
  • Choice of language

Our favourite part? The Webster Pak handy magnet that lets you hang your medication pack on the fridge for easy access and as a helpful reminder.

Warnbro Pharmacy can also organise FREE DELIVERY of your own Webster Pak to your home if you can’t make it into the pharmacy.

Simply call us on 08 9593 6166 to discuss your options with one of our friendly Pharmacists.

If you are interested in trying a Webster Pak for yourself (or a friend or family member), we are currently offering 2 MONTHS FREE PACKING!

For many customers, once they try a Webster Pak they never go back to boxes, bottles or dosette containers again (and tell us they only wish they’d known about it sooner).

Visit us in store or call Warnbro Pharmacy (08 9593 6166) for more information or if you have any questions you’d like answered.

We’d love to help however we can.