Flu shots

With winter now here, this means a few things; namely, cooler temperatures and a higher chance of enjoying tasty, veggie soups and the occasional delicious, hearty baked pie!

Unfortunately, with the cold comes the annual arrival of “Influenza (flu) season”.

Cold and flu are the uninvited guests of the season, but one definite way to boost your immunity against this viral infection is having a flu vaccine.

We know that since the beginning of COVID-19, vaccines have become unprecedented talk (of not just the town, but the world right now), so we completely understand if you’re getting tired of hearing about them!

However, when it comes to the flu, they have been proven to be highly effective over and over again.

Your body can greatly benefit from this extra line of defence, since you won’t (or can’t) always avoid potential exposure at all times.

As we mentioned above, the flu is an infectious virus that can spread quite easily from person to person.

It attacks the lungs, nose and throat (infecting the respiratory tract, which can trigger an extreme inflammatory response in the body).

Some common symptoms are a runny nose and sore throat (like a cold, but worse), fever, chills, muscle ache, headache and fatigue. Complications can lead of pneumonia.

The science and facts are:

  • The flu doesn’t discriminate, it can be contracted by anyone. However, some people do have better immunity than others, so the flu does not impact everyone equally.
  • Generally, younger, healthier individuals can recover faster and easier after contracting the flu.
  • That being said, the flu can be highly dangerous, especially for babies and older individuals, people who are immune compromised or in less healthy individuals.
  • The best-case scenario? You are vaccinated and miss the flu altogether, or you may suffer from some minor symptoms, but recover well.
  • Worst case scenario? The flu can hit you hard. It can lead to sepsis, the body’s life-threatening response to infection. It can also make chronic medical problems worse and even be deadly in some unfortunate cases.

We don’t want to see anyone risk this when it comes to their health and safety this winter.

Please consider this option to enhance your protection – especially while you can for free.


It’s so simple, just visit an eligible pharmacy.

At Warnbro Pharmacy:

  • We offer a clinic every day of the week and on certain weekends. Click here to see this weeks operating times
  • No appointments are necessary, you can just walk right in!
  • The usual wait time is usually only 5-10 mins at the most, and the vaccine itself is quick to administer
  • If you are due for your next COVID shot, you can get it at the same time to make things even easier and save time.

We get it – it’s a lot to hear about vaccines left, right, centre (plus up and around the garden path and back), but the truth is, they really do protect us and help us stay safer for longer around our friends and families too.

That means prioritising your health and safety first.

If you have any questions just respond to this email and a friendly member of the Warnbro Pharmacy team will be in touch!